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The Employers' Association of Rajasthan was established on the 18th of January, 1964 at Jaipur, to meet the need felt to have a common platform for the Employers of Rajasthan, from where their concerns can be jointly taken up with appropriate authorities, and resolved in the best interests of the Trade & Industry in the State.

The pioneering efforts were put in by an eminent Industrialist, Shri Kanti Kumar R. Poddar, and the Association was formed, with Late Shri Kamal Nayan Bajaj, as its Founder President.

Since then EAR had the privilege of being headed by very eminent industrialists, to name few, like Shri kaumar R. Poddar, Shri Rajaram Jaipuria, Shri Surender Kumar Jain, and Shri Ramapati Singhania.

The Employers' Association of Rajasthan in registered under the Trade Unions Act, 1926.

The Association has grown from strength to strength, in the last 48 years of its existence and today it is very effective and well respected Apex Body of the Employers of Rajasthan. Ears membership extends over whole of Rajasthan, and includes Large, Medium & Small Industrial Establishments, Industrial Associations, Banking & Financial and other Service Sectors, and Professional Specialists in the field of Management.

EAR is managed by the Executive Board, Whose term extends over a period of two years, consisting of the following, assisted by the Secretariat.

Primarily the Association concentrated on the issues faced by the Employers, in the field of industrial Relations and related areas, but as the concerns of the Employers were also in other fields, apart from industrial Relations, EAR widened its scope of providing guidance & legal assistance, to include many areas of Employers interests, like, Power, Infra-structural development, putting up comments/suggestions to the Govt. on Industrial Policies, Taxation, Energy conservation, Water harvesting, etc. EAR has been extended its scope of activities, by organizing programs to help our members to relieve their Stress and find ways and means of Relaxations in their routine work, Work & No players life.

  • EAR constantly aims at providing guidance and assistance to its members, when ever they need, and keep them informed of the latest developments effecting their operations, like Notifications, Circulars, enactments/modifications in Law, etc., and making suggestions/representations to concerned out authorities, on common concern of Employers, from time to time. These are carried out through the following channels.
  • EAR Bulletin, which is published monthly, which contains Notifications of relevance, News & Views, case Law of significance, articles on topics of interest, general information, like the Consumer Price Index Numbers, EAR activities, etc.
  • Organizing Training Programs, Seminars/Open door discussions.
  • Making Written Representations, arranging deputations, with the concerned Authorities
  • EAR is represented on the following Committees/bodies of the Government and other organizations.
  • Standing Labour Committee, Rajasthan.
  • Lobour Advisory Board, Rajasthan
  • Minimum Wages Advisory Board, Rajasthan
  • ESI Regional Board, Rajasthan
  • Regional Committee for Regional Provident Fund, Rajasthan
  • Contract Labour Sub–Committee
  • Committee of All India organization of Employers, Delhi
  • Regional Advisory Committee of Workers Education Center, Jaipur

EAR is a member of the following Organizations

  • Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & industry, (FICCI). New Delhi.
  • All India Organizations of Employers, New Delhi
  • EAR maintains a Library, Consisting of Reference Books Management, LLJ, LLR, CLR, Circulars/Notifications, Reports, Member directories of Various Associations etc.
  • EAR secretariat is always willing and happy to receive information from members, on any issues/concerns facing them and will promptly refer the same to concerned experts/Committee, and help them find solutions.
  • EAR is open. Always, to receive Comments/Suggestions from members on how to improve and serve better the members.
EAR President
Shri Narendra Kumar Jain

From the desk of President

It's my pleasure that The Employers' Association of Rajasthan (EAR) has celebrated its 53rd Anniversary.

The Association was established in 1964, with a view to provide a united forum for the Employers of Rajasthan which will enable them to discuss their concerns jointly, and take up with the concerned Authorities in the Government, to resolve the same, in the best interests of the Trade & Industry.

Initially, the main focus was Industrial Relations and connected issues like Labour unrest, Protecting the Employers Interests, Providing Legal Advice & Assistance, and urging the Government to deal with the Industrial Unrest and the Militant Union Activities, Firmly but fairly too.

EAR has come a long way from that restricted and narrow field of activities and has widened its Scope to include several areas of Employers' Interests, Like, Power, Infra structural developments needed on its Industrial Policies and Practices, Taxation and related issues, Conservation of Energy, Water Harvesting, etc. In fact, EAR has even gone to the areas to provide Programmes, to help Employers / managers to relieve their Stress and practice ways and means of Relaxation in Life

"I sincerely thank to all our members, who have given us their support, and Well Wishes, in our Activities"

Past President

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shri kamal nayan bajaj
Shri Kamal Narayan Bajaj

Founder President of EAR.

Shri Kanti Kumar R. Poddar
Shri Kanti Kumar R.Poddar


Dr. Rajaram Jaipuria
Dr. Rajaram Jaipuria


Shri Surender Kumar Jain
Shri Surender Kumar Jain


Shri Ramapati Sighania
Shri Ramapati Sighania


Shri Lalit Bapna
Shri Lalit Bapna


Shri N. L. Kedia
Shri N. L. Kedia


Shri Narendra Kumar Jain
Shri Narendra Kumar Jain


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