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Capacity building is one of the major initiatives of EAR, which we perform through various sessions, training programs and understanding the growing and dynamic business challenges of our employers members.

Our mission keeps us at the vanguard of administrating and facilitating academic and professional opportunities for the industry and business community; opportunities that make their insertion in a globalized world easier in such a way that will place them in a continuous process of professional evolution, generating new skills and capabilities within a holistic, practical, and applicable context. Our experience is based in the quality of the programs the we organize on various issues of importance year-round.

With a comprehensive portfolio of activities, working side-by-side with top business executives and business community leaders, the participants in the Capacity Building and Training Development Program will develop a new and rejuvenated spirit of interdependence through a broad array of experiences that enable them to pursue an applicable learning experience and professional development.

The vision of our training programs embraces a multidimensional approach to sustainable business and socio-economic development. In our training programs applicants will undergo several seminars, workshops, roundtables and specialized activities.

Our Association Support Government Initiative

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