From the desk of President

Shri Narendra Kumar Jain

It's my pleasure that The Employers' Association of Rajasthan (EAR) has celebrated its 53rd Anniversary. The Association was established in 1964, with a view to provide a united forum for the Employers of Rajasthan which will enable them to discuss their concerns jointly, and take up with the concerned Authorities in the Government, to resolve the same, in the best interests of the Trade & Industry.

Initially, the main focus was Industrial Relations and connected issues like Labour unrest, Protecting the Employers Interests, Providing Legal Advice & Assistance, and urging the Government to deal with the Industrial Unrest and the Militant Union Activities, Firmly but fairly too.

EAR has come a long way from that restricted and narrow field of activities and has widened its Scope to include several areas of Employers' Interests, Like, Power, Infra structural developments needed on its Industrial Policies and Practices, Taxation and related issues, Conservation of Energy, Water Harvesting, etc. In fact, EAR has even gone to the areas to provide Programmes, to help Employers / managers to relieve their Stress and practice ways and means of Relaxation in Life.

I am confident that EAR will rise to the occasion to stand by their members whenever need arises, to protect effectively, their Interests. Let me tell you that, EAR enjoys a very respected and Positive response from the various Authorities of Government and we achieve, every time, our desired objectives.

I am happy that we have published 3rd Edition of our Members Directory. Efforts have been to update all information relating to our Members.

I sincerely thank to all our members, who have given us their support, and Well Wishes, in our Activities

Our Association Support Government Initiative